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Users administration

Special note to you:
When disable User Management is selected there is no login needed!
So everyone can make changes behind the radio dj station PC.

When there are co-users of the station PC.
The advice is unselect and use for co-workers to login to the settings.

How to setup and use:

Most importantly, never select the option user administration access for a co-worker!
So a co-worker can not change the users name and passwords in the users list or the access select boxes.

Buttons L/R.
  Add a user.
  Delete selected user.

  Edit selected user. (You need the users name and password.)
After making a new user save    the access settings for the user

When working with co-workers start to edit the admin change Name and password on first use of radiodj.
So the login is no longer name admin password admin

Waring on editing a user.