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Option screen This page was last modified on 27 August 2022 10:08

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On click opens the option selection buttons.

  • OPTIONS - opens the setting screen.
  • TRACKS ROTATIONS - opens the rotation maker screen.
  • EVENTS - opens the event maker screen.
  • SHORTCUTS - opens the shortcuts button maker screen.
  • USERS - opens the users administrators screen.
  • COLOR EDITOR - opens the radiodj theme maker screen.
  • TRACK IMPORT - opens the track import screen.
  • DIRECTORY IMPORT - opens the directory/folder import screen.
  • CATEGORIES - opens the categorie, sub categorie and genre settings screen.
  • PLAYLITS - opens the play list screen.
  • plugins - opens the plugins settings screen.
  • ABOUT... - opens the program information screen.
  • close - will close the option buttons screen

To your attention!

when clicking on a option button.

a pop up screen can show up with the massage...

warning screen

This means you must login first.