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Tracks Database Updater

Can be found in the radiodj root folder as


CSV tracks update utility

This utility will update the RadioDJ database track details from a csv source. In order to use it, the cvs file must have valid column names (see bellow).

The only mandatory column is the 'path' which is used to identify the track which will be updated. In the path column you can specify the exact path to the file, or just the filename. Beside the path, include the columns you want to update, for example artist, title album, etc.

It is important to keep in mind that for the numeric values (like duration, cue points, fade durations), the decimal separator needs to be the dot and not the comma (eg. 3.234 and not 3,234).

After the .cvs file is loaded, the paths are checked over the ones in the database and if some paths doesn't exists in the database, they will be marked with red in the preview window.

- The date values must be in the following format: 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:SS'. The supported range is '1000-01-01 00:00:00' to '9999-12-31 23:59:59'. Even if the date is in other format, as long it is a valid one, the program will try to change it in the correct format, but that's not always possible.

- The ID column values will be ignored and will not be updated even if it is included in the csv file, because RadioDJ uses unique values for each track.

- This utility supports updating cue data in two ways:

1. By specifying separate values for each column (start, intro, loop_in, loop_out, hook_in, hook_out, outro, next_start, end, fade_in, fade_out), case in which you will need to provide the values for at least start, next_start and end. The program supports also partial separate values, for example you can update only the cue intro value.

2. By specifying the preformatted string for the cue_data column in the following format: &sta=0.207619047619048&xta=244.239659863946&end=251.030839002268&fin=0&fou=6.79117913832201 where &sta=start, &xta=next start, &end=end, &fin=fade in and &fou=fade out, and all values are expressed in seconds.

- To update the cue data, please only use one method and not both!

- In RadioDJ the duration is calculated between the cue start and cue next (duration=cue next-cue start), so it's better to let the program calculate it than to specify it.

The complete list of the columns supported by the utility is the following:
  • ID
  • path
  • enabled
  • date_added
  • date_modified
  • date_played
  • artist_played
  • album_played
  • title_played
  • count_played
  • play_limit
  • limit_action
  • start_date
  • end_date
  • startEvent
  • endEvent
  • song_type
  • id_subcat
  • id_genre
  • weight
  • duration
  • original_duration
  • cue_times
  • precise_cue
  • fade_type
  • start_type
  • end_type
  • mix_type
  • mood
  • gender
  • lang
  • rating
  • loudness
  • overlay
  • artist
  • associated_artists
  • original_artist
  • title
  • album
  • composer
  • label
  • year
  • track_no
  • disc_no
  • publisher
  • copyright
  • isrc
  • bpm
  • comments
  • sweepers
  • image
  • buy_link
  • url1
  • url2
  • tdate_played
  • tartist_played
  • ttitle_played
  • talbum_played
  • originalmetadata
  • start
  • intro
  • loop_in
  • loop_out
  • hook_in
  • hook_out
  • next_start
  • outro
  • end
  • fade_in
  • fade_out