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Track types This page was last modified on 27 August 2022 10:08

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Track Types in RadioDJ

Track types are use by track- or directory import!

    RadioDJ has some predefined track types:

    1. Music
    2. Jingle
    3. Sweeper
    4. Voiceover
    5. Commercial
    6. Internet Stream
    7. Other
    8. Variable Duration File (VDF)
    9. Request
    10. News
    11. Playlist Event
    12. File By Date
    13. Newest From Folder
    14. Teasers

    For some of these types, RadioDJ will take some custom actions, so it’s not a good idea to play with them until you know what they represent.

    The first type, named music must be assigned to music track that we expect to be played using rotations. To this types are applied a set of rules like checking when the artist was played, when the track was played etc.

    Jingle type is a short tune used in advertising and for other commercial uses.

    Sweeper and Voiceover type is for tracks that will be played on top of music type files (overlay).

    Internet Stream represent files that are not psychically present on our hard-drive. They must be streamed from a server (web, shoutcast, icecast, etc).

    Variable Duration File type must be assigned to files which will change its duration in time, for example a news file which will be overwritten often. This allows you to import the file once and then to just overwrite the file to keep it updated.
    On this type, the file will be scanned every time before playing, to get its new duration.

    Request file type is used internally for requests from website, or other sources and this type cannot be assigned manually.

    Playlist Events are displayed as tracks in playlist, but they can trigger some simple actions that are set as manual events.

    File By Date type is a dynamic track, that allows you to set a folder and the file will be choose by the date that is added to the playlist. The default format is yyyy-MM-dd, so if the current date is 2013-11-18, when this type of track will be added to the playlist, the program will search in the specified folder a track named “2013-11-18″.supported extension (.mp3, .ogg etc).If the default format is not good for your purpose, you can specify one in the comments field of the track, respecting the Date() setting.

    Some examples of custom date formats:

    • dd-MM-yyyy

    • MM-dd-yyyy

    Newest From Folder type also allows you to specify a folder, but from the selected folder loads the newest added file.

    Sours: Marius,

    Teasers type is in use when teasers are imported