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About the radiodj tutorials site

This is me in the 50s
Just 8 years old

Now i em -72

A little too pretty in the clothes (but I was a rascal then and just got back from the fair a few blocks away).
this photo was taken by my father.
Unfortunately there was nothing I could do about my clothes.
My grandparent were tailors and dress me up.
I was their best grandson ever.
And they only had one (lucky me).
My grandparent and my parents made me who I still am today.
Just prepare to help others.

I am very proud of them and I also taught my children help where it's possible

You may find this too much private information

But then read the line again, Just prepare to help.

In 2010 I came into contact with the radiodj free automation software.

And be come later a member of the forum.

On the forum has a request to setup a wiki for the radiodj program
unfortunately no one wanted to help get it started

So in 2012 I thought I would do it on my way (and started learning html, php, sqli and a small part of java)

This is how this website was created!

Hope the tutorials are of great use to all of you.

How long will exist?

Just don't know, The radiodj site is now stored on a server space by Dom Stad Radio (A forum member of
Fortunately he offert the space to no cost to me, so the site can be online longer than i can effort on my pension.. it's the reality of live when getting older!

Many many thanks Dom Stad Radio.