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By Tim Verholt.

Control Buttons Airlite

Configuration in RadioDJ and Airlite Virtual Keyboard Mapper

Midi Controller Plugin

Check if all MIDI plugins are installed. If not, you have to copy these files into the Plugins map of RadioDJ.
After installing restart RadioDJ.


Steps in RadioDJ

Step 1.
Connect a sound card to Carts (Options – Sound Cards)

If you want to set the Instant Players the same as your Airlite Control buttons set Columns to 2 and Rows to 8. (Options – Plugins – Cart Players – Carts Setup). In the next steps the buttons are modified that way.

Shortcuts Editor (Options – Shortcuts)

  • This you can read in the green section left below.

    Double click on the row of which you want to modify the short key. For Carts these are Play Cart 1 to Play Cart 16.

  • The section changes in red and you will read Press The New Key!

  • Check boxes CTRL and SHIFT.

  • Click button 1 on your keyboard (not the button on the calculator).

  • The text in the section now changes into New Key: D1!

  • Click the button Modify.

  • The section lights up green and you will read Modified! Play Cart 1 is altered now.

  • If you look into the shortkey list you will see that for Play Cart 1 boxes Control and Shift are checked and the Key Name is D1.

  • Now modify all the other Play Carts as in the window above (Shortcuts Editor screen).

  • If you have modified all the Play Carts click on Save.

Steps in Airlite Virtual Keyboard Mapper (AVKM)
Step 1.
You can download the AVKM software from this site:

NOTE: from version the AVKM starts as a Service. It automatically starts when you start your PC. An icon will be shown in the right corner below. The AVKM doensn’t shut down automatically when you turn off your PC. Right click on the icon and exit (the Control buttons will be switched off).

All 16 Control buttons will light up green when you start your PC and the Service of the AVKM starts.

  • Open both Shortcut Editor and AVKM so you can see all shortcut settings at a glance.

  • Go to the Control tab (last tab) of the AVKM.

  • Check all boxes of Control 1A to 8B.

  • Click the first dropdownbox of Control 1A and select L_CTRL.

Click the second dropdownbox of Control 1A and select L_Shift.

  • Click the third dropdownbox of Control 1A and select KEY_1.

  • Modify the remaining Controls (see the Shortcuts and AVKM screen). From 1B to 8B you only use the first and second dropdownbox.

  • Save your settings. File and Save As.

  • Save the file with i.e. name: settings_virtualkeyboardmapper

  • Close RadioDJ and restart.