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From beta to beta versions for testing.

Voicetrack is in the Playlist Builder. Open Playlist Builder.

See the numbers in the screenshot
1. select the record button. The recorder window opens.
2. select the device for recording.
3. select the record button. When finished select the stop button.
4. select save button.
(5.) the Save as screen opens. Save the voicetrack to the (hard)disk.
6. after saving the Track Import windows opens. Select Voiceover as Track Type. For voicetracks you can use the Category and Subcategory 'Voicetracks'.

Within the mainscreen of RadioDJ double click on No Voicetrack. The Tracklist will open. It only shows the tracks which have Track Type Voicetrack. If you want to start the voicetrack at the end of a song select END. Next select the button ADD. Now the voicetrack has been added to this song. It will show VE which means Voicetrack End. It also shows the duration of the voicetrack. When the voicetracks starts it will countdown.

If you do not want to show the title of the voicetrack in Now Playing go to Options and tab Stream Titles. Within the File Type Titles section choose Voiceover from the dropdown menu. Remove the $artist$ - $title$ and select the save button. Now the title of the voicetrack is not shown in Now Playing. The other option is to open the plugin Now Playing (Options tab Plugins and select the Now Playing Info Exporter plugin). Go to the tab Filters and deselect the box Voiceover.

Credits to Hej Radio.