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Auxiliary Players.

Playing a track has no averts on the database (no tracks updates).

The auxiliary players can be used for live shows to play different things (e.g. music beds) without altering the main playlist.
The players are very simple, you can load them using drag/drop from the search list or simply by pressing the load track button.

   load track button

With a right mouse click in the players field a pop up will show up.

You can use it to select a song to put in the player.
Also tracks who are not in the database.
Or Clear the Player.

The player with a song.

during playing the song.

00:01:39 = Time when the song is playing.

00:02:24 = Countdown time of the song.

00:04:04 = Total time of the song.

The stop button.

The start button.

The Loop button.

If the Loop button (repeat) of the player is toggled on (highlighted), the track will loop a pre-assigned section.
To loop a track in an auxiliary player, click and turn on the Auxiliary Loop button of the player before the Loop-out point has passed.

- Note: unlike the main Loop button, the Auxiliary Loop button will not turn off automatically if it is turned on before the track begins to play, and the track will still loop.
- Note: if you turn on the Auxiliary Loop button after the Loop-out point has passed, the track will immediately return to the Loop-in point and will then loop as usual.

If there is a loop-in and a loop-out in a track it will be shown in the progress bar

In the progress bar you can see a | and a |
The red one is the start of a loop and the green one is the end of the loop.
If you play the track it show like.

If you click on the loop button and start the track, the loop in the track will be used.
You can have less or more players by changing the setup, by clicking op the button:

and clicking on the button PLUGINS in the screen.

In the screen select the plugin.

Click on Settings.

Adjust the settings if you like.