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Option (settings)

General settings tab

Default Language
Select a Language file (For languages see download)
Date Format
Select your date setting     on click opens sample explain.
Program Priority
Allows you to set the Windows priority of the RadioDJ program.
Results to show
Has a double effect. Allows you to set the number of lines for the,
search plugin and track manger plugin screens to be displayed.
Playback Buffer (ms)
This option lets you adjust the size of the Direct sound playback buffer, in milliseconds.
If the playback buffer is too small, playback may
skip, stutter, or be distorted, due to buffer underrun.
Increasing the buffer size makes underrun less likely, at the cost of increased latency, e.g.
when starting or stopping playback or setting the audio position (the default 450 as set will do ok).
Mixer Buffer The default 3 is ok (to set higher depends on the computer cpu speed).
Input Buffer
When referring to computer memory, the input buffer is a location that holds all incoming information,
before it continues to the CPU for processing.
Preload Next File before
Next track pre load [10 seconds] before the playing track ends.
Enable Error Log
If checked, RadioDJ will on a error make a log file.
Always on Top
If checked, RadioDJ screen cannot be minimized while it is running.
Minimize to Tray
If checked, RadioDJ will minimize to the system tray rather than the taskbar.
Store Settings In Database
If checked, all settings of radiodj are stored in the database (recommended).
Remote Instance If checked, there will be no interferences when importing
tracks/directories new rotations, making play lists or using tracks manager.
Allow Only One Instance If checked, only one radiodj can run on the pc.

Sound cards settings tab

recommended is having more than one soundcard!

Like usb headset (for pre listening and cue point setting)

Output Mode
Is not selectable in the free radiodj version.
Main 1
Select a soundcard (in this case a usb soundcard is selected, to select in the encoder to stream to
a shout- icecast cerver).
extra speakers setting All Speakers (No Split), Front Speakers, Rear Speakers, CEN/LFE Speakers. (5.1 card) standard use All Speakers.
Main 2 to main 8 are not selectable in the free radiodj version
Monitoring (CUE)
This soundcard is used to pre listening of tracks and setting flag points in the CUE editor.
(use of headset recommended)
by pre listening it is not streamed to the encoder.

Audio Input Settings (The input button react on this settings)

Input Sound Card
You can select a input device (Microfoon in not recommended due to latentie!)
Line Fade IN
milliseconds setting for fade in.
Line Fade Out
milliseconds setting for fade out.
Fade down music when active
If selected, by pressing the input button the playing track fade down.

Mixing settings
Set the song volume to
[0 mute 10 maximum] when playing overlay files
Set the song volume to
[0 mute 10 maximum] when playing sweepers
Set the song volume to
[0 mute 10 maximum] when playing VT (voice tracks)

Short explanation

Overlay file = is a special track where the next cue point is special set to start, like a news.mp3 which plays over the special track and lowers the volume of the special track.
Sweeper = a track that can play on the start, intro or outro of a track.
VT = a voice track that can play on the start, intro or outro of a track.

Auto DJ settings tab

Stream title settings tab

Other Settings tab

Plugins tab