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Variables list This page was last modified on 27 August 2022 10:08

The following list contains all variables that are implemented in RadioDJ. When they are used in "Now Playing Details" plugin, they are replaced by their actual values. If URL encoding is needed, append "_enc" to the variable name, for example to URL encode $station_name$ variable, use "$station_name_enc$". IMPORTANT: Variables are case sensitive and the must be enclosed in "$" symbol!


$station_name$Station name
$station_slogan$ Station slogan
$rotation_name$ Current rotation name
$autotitle$ Title assigned by user per track type
$rotation_id$ Current rotation ID from the database
$request_username$ Requester username
$request_message$ Requester message
$path$ File name path
$track_id$ Track ID from database
$artist$ Track artist
$original_artist$ Track original artist
$title$ Track title
$album$ Track album
$composer$ Track composer
$label$ Track label
$publisher$ Track publisher
$copyright$ Track copyright
$comment$ Track comment
$rating$ Track rating
$mood$ Track mood
$gender$ Track gender
$language$ Track language
$isrc$ Track ISRC
$image$ Track image
$year$ Track year
$track_no$ Track number
$disc_no$ Disc number
$bpm$ BPM
$duration$ Track duration (formatted HH:MM:SS)
$durationinSeconds$ Track duration (in seconds)
$durationinMilliseconds$ Track duration (in milliseconds)
$track-type$ Track type (see at the end of this document)
$subcat-id$ Track subcategory ID from the database
$genre-id$ Track genre ID from the database
$buy_link$ Buy link
$url1$ Custom URL 1
$url2$ Custom URL 2
$now-hour$ Current hour
$now-minute$ Current minute
$now-second$ Current second
$now-year$ Current year
$now-month$ Current month
$now-day$ Current day
$now-shorttime$ Current time in short format
$now-longtime$ Current time in long format
$now-shortdate$ Current date in short format
$now-longdate$ Current date in long format
$listeners$ Current listeners number