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How to steam on the internet setup This page was last modified on 27 August 2022 10:08

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How to get my station to broadcast on the internet

To broadcast on the internet you need a a couple of things.
  1. RadioDJ well setup with cue points.

  2. A good encoder setup ( recommendation is the free or pro MD Recaster, it count the listeners).

  3. A connection to a icecast or shoutcast server for streaming your tracks, jingles promo's or station id's to listeners.

  4. Use or setup a nice website to receive your listeners and maintain their interest in your station.
    So have station news, or news on your dj's what there shows is about, do dally news but not every hour but only important for the moment, don't do time announce every hour, make them for get the time and just like to listen to your station.
    Get them involved with requesting a track, in the waiting time to here there one request, in the meantime there listen to the commercials you have.(paid or not paid adds).

  5. Special note from radiodj info read this carefully! so you won't get in trouble!

Standard explanation of the list on the list:

Point 1: Make sure you have setup radiodj correct and.
(tip) enough tracks in a well-organized library.
With a minimum of 5000 tracks.

Point 2: File all id3tags of the tracks before importing.