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TTS plugin

A special plugin
Which can do automatically the tracks announcement when your station in in auto mode.

The TTS plugin can announce text files, Text To Speak by the use of a .xml file.

When the plugin is copy to the radiodj plugin folder there is a folder coped named Plugin_TTS

in that folder are four files 1 .txt and 3 .xml

Adjust them to your need.
See the file c:\RadioDJv2\Docs\RadioDJ - Stream Variables.pdf

Speak Track Comments: if selected the content of the imported track comment wil be spoken.
Volume: the voice volume can de adjusted,
Rate: the reader speed can be adjusted. (faster/slower 0 is standerd reading speed)
Voice: When there are more voices available you can select a standerd tts voice.

Attention on this part!

Selecting a voice in the xml file.

The voice in top of the voice select box has the number 0 the next 1 ect.

In the xml file a example
Well, it's a beautiful weather outside and you are still listening our station! That's great! But Now, we will listening to $artist$, with the song tile $title$!

Change the number in the line <Voice>0</Voice>
<Voice>3</Voice>   note 3 is the fourth voice in the voice list


SAY = You can pasta text in the field and wen clicked on SAY the text will be spoken.
SAY TIME = the current time will be spoken.
STOP = Stop the spoken text voice.