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This means the sql file is to large!

This can happen when the history setting is to high

Changing the setting max_allowed_packet in the ini file can help

Open the etc/my.cnf file with a plain editor like notepad

search for max_allowed_packet and set the value higher you can use max_allowed_packet=8M

Another option is to divide the sql into smaller files, and use them individually for the database restore.

  unpack and run as administrator can make smaller files for you.

A sql backup file 20220827 085318.sql 8.45 MB.

after the run split into:

20220827 085318-01-structure.sql
20220827 085318-02-data.sql
20220827 085318-03-data.sql

Since the files are numbered (1, 2, 3), the order for a restore is easier